Russia is not a normal partner in international relations: EC Deputy head

Deputy head of the European Commission, Vera Jourova, told Politico that “Russia is not a normal partner in international relations.'' She added that one of the pieces of evidence for this is the fact that the Russian services were "killing innocent people in the Czech Republic.''

"I am tired of the approach that those of us who know Russia are sometimes disregarded as Russophobes," said Vera Jourova, who was added by the Russian Foreign Ministry on the list of EU representatives banned from entering the country.

"Russian Federation agents were killing innocent people in the Czech Republic again, as proved in the Vrbetic case. (...) We had the Dutch report of a plane shot down in Ukraine, the British Salisbury attack report. We have weekly reports from the European External Action Service (EEAS) revealing Russian disinformation," the Vice-President of the Commission said.

She stressed that loud opposition to such actions is a "natural instinct" and that the assessments of politicians from Central and Eastern Europe regarding the Kremlin have repeatedly turned out to be correct.

Vera Jourova called for a "systemic approach by the EU institutions, but above all by the Member States" towards the Kremlin which would mean, to take into account "geopolitical considerations" also in economic projects.

The Deputy head of the EC was asked about her reaction to the news that she had been banned from entering Russia, she replied that her last visit in Russia was "about 15 years ago" and she is not planning on going there any time soon.

On Friday, Russia banned eight representatives of European Union institutions and EU countries from entering. Among the people covered by the ban are Vera Jourova, and David Sassoli, president of the European Parliament. The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that this was a response to the sanctions imposed on Moscow by the European Union in March this year.