Poland’s COVID-19 ‘R number’ record-low: Health Minister

Poland’s Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, Poland’s COVID-19 “R number” has dropped to 0.72, the lowest it has been since the pandemic reached the country in early 2020.

The “R number”, also known as the reproduction coefficient of the virus, shows how many people the average virus carrier infects.

A reproduction coefficient above 1 indicates that one carrier can infect more than one person, which means the pandemic is spreading. Readings below 1 indicate a falling infection count.

The number of daily new cases recorded in Poland has been dropping rapidly in recent weeks, following a significant third wave of the pandemic that reached its zenith at the turn of March and April.

Around a month ago, the average number of new daily cases hovered around 30.000 thousand. The number has stayed between around 3500 to 9000 new cases during the past week.