Polish Navy denies interfering with Nord Stream 2 project

The Polish armed forces have denied claims by the consortium behind the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that the Polish Navy is interfering with the construction of the controversial energy infrastructure project.

The denial was made by the operational command of the Polish Army on Thursday night after the consortium had alleged earlier in the day that the project's fleet had been the target of provocations by the navy. The Polish government, along with other states on NATO’s eastern flank and the USA, regards the project, which will take Russian gas to Germany, as a threat to both Poland’s and Europe’s security. Andrey Minin, a senior official at the Nord Stream 2 AG consortium, said that the project's fleet had been targeted by foreign civil and military vessels, and a military M-28 PZL Mielec patrol aircraft. Minin added that the goal of these operations was to harm the completion of the project. These claims were denied by officials. "The Polish Navy is not conducting provocative operations and has been carrying out its statutory tasks in agreement with international laws. M-28B Bryza planes regularly conduct patrol flights in the Baltic Sea region," the Polish Army command wrote on Twitter. The construction of the Russian-German gas pipeline is strongly opposed by Poland, and the Baltic States. Critics of Nord Stream 2 indicate that the project would increase Europe's dependence on Russian gas and extend the Kremlin's influence over European politics. The project is supported by Germany, Austria and several other EU Member States.