Navalny experiences health problems at Russian penal colony

Alexei Navalny began to experience health problems in the penal colony where he is serving his sentence, said Leonid Volkov, a colleague of the Russian oppositionist, on Wednesday. Navalny's attorneys said they were not allowed to see him.

"We do not know where Alexei Navalny is and why he is being hidden from lawyers. Since the end of last week, he has been experiencing severe pains in his back. He reported that his leg was numb, he could not stand on it. During this time, he was given two ibuprom tablets," wrote Leonid Volkov.

Mr Volkov warned that Navalny's sudden health issues "must be of great concern" due to the circumstances. He suspected that the opposition activist was in a prison hospital and that the administration of the penal colony was trying to hide it. The lawyers were supposed to meet Navalny on Wednesday at 13.00, but after nearly four hours they were still not admitted.

In August 2020, Navalny lost consciousness on a plane flying from Tomsk in Siberia to Moscow. After an emergency landing in Omsk, he was taken to the local hospital. At the request of his family, he was transported by air ambulance to Germany. He underwent treatment and rehabilitation there, during which he learned to walk and many other activities anew. The German authorities concluded that the oppositionist had been poisoned. Russia denies the allegations.