Pilecki Institute publishes online Ładoś List

The Ładoś List, including data on over 3,200 Jews saved by Polish diplomats during WWII who granted them forged passports to Latin American countries, is available online at http://passportsforlife.pl/lista-ladosia/ of the Pilecki Institute website.

The passports were issued "by the Polish Legation in Switzerland, the World Jewish Congress and other organisations in order to save Jews from the Holocaust," wrote Jakub Kumoch, the former Polish ambassador to Switzerland.

"Thanks to many months of query, we were able to identify 3,253 holders of passports and citizenship certificates of Paraguay, Honduras, Haiti and Peru, prepared by an illegal structure called the Ładoś group. It operated in neutral Switzerland and was focused around the Polish Legation in Bern cooperating with at least two Jewish centres in Geneva and Zurich,” the ambassador emphasised.

"We estimate that the names of about 5,000 to 7,000 holders of passports and citizenship certificates issued by the Ładoś group are still unknown. That is why we also ask for help in determining the fate of the holders of documents issued by Polish diplomats" wrote the Pilecki Institute.