Polish FM, US Secretary of State discuss priorities for cooperation

Priority areas of cooperation and an assessment of the international situation were among the topics of the telephone conversation between Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Tuesday. The talks served to confirm the will to continue strengthening the bilateral partnership.

"The heads of diplomacy of Poland and the USA agreed that they would continue close dialogue and close bilateral cooperation as well as within international organisations to strengthen the transatlantic community. We want a joint response to global challenges and threats, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, threats to security or the enormous global challenge related to the reconstruction of our economies "- read the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday.

The chief of Polish diplomacy pointed to the common perception of threats to security, including those from Russia, and expressed hope for the US involvement in Europe and matters relating to Poland's neighbourhood.

"We noted that President Biden made it clear in an interview with President Putin that the United States would react firmly to Russia's actions that harm the US or its allies," reads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ message.

The ministry announced that Minister Rau expressed Poland's expectation of continuing American policy towards Nord Stream 2. In this context Rau and Blinken referred to an article by the heads of diplomacy of Poland and Ukraine about the gas pipeline, emphasizing that the governments of the United States and Poland "are of the same position. The Northern Gas Pipeline is a bad solution for Europe, and the diversification of energy transport routes should be implemented in a way that does not pose the threat of energy blackmail to other allies and partners”.

The head of Polish diplomacy - the ministry added - welcomed that the Three Seas Initiative enjoys supra-party support from the US Congress and the US government. "Minister Rau presented Poland's activity to strengthen democratic reforms and Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic aspirations and emphasized the need for cooperation with the US in this area," emphasized the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The head of Polish diplomacy indicated that the priority area of ​​cooperation with the United States was security and defence, including the full implementation of the bilateral agreement on enhanced defence cooperation of August 15, 2020. He informed the American side about the completion by Poland of the internal legal procedures necessary for the entry into force of the bilateral agreement, which will constitute the basis for the development of nuclear energy in Poland.

"During the interview, it was pointed out that the Polish Constitution uses a biological definition of gender and upholds human rights and prohibits any discrimination. In the coming years, no changes to the legal order in force since 1997 are planned" - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in a press release.

"Minister Rau emphasized that in the matter of heirless property, Polish regulations are in line with international - dating back to Roman times - standards. Poland is, however, ready to participate in the international debate on this subject based on the principle of non-discrimination," added the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tuesday's phone call was the first conversation between the chiefs of Polish and US diplomacy since Antoni Blinken took office. The new US secretary of state was approved by the US Senate at the end of January as the head of US diplomacy. He is an experienced diplomat who was the US Deputy Secretary of State under President Obama.

In an October statement for PAP (Polish Press Agency), Blinken assured that US President Joe Biden "is completely committed to strengthening the security of NATO allies, including Poland." In the context of the future relationship of the new US administration with Warsaw, he stated that he "welcomed the opportunity to frankly discuss the importance of our democratic commitments."

Blinken said in the Senate that he shares the view of Congress that Nord Stream 2 is a harmful project.