Massive device transported to construction site in north-west Poland

A 96-metre-long, 890-tonne-heavy splitter which had been shipped to Poland, was transported to the construction site of the polymers factory in Police in the north-west part of the country on Monday night.

“This is one of the most important devices of the installation for polymers production in Police. This is the largest and heaviest machine that was transported to the port and the largest and the most important for the construction,” Andrzej Łuc, the head of the port in Police said.

“This is our twelfth transport. This was the heaviest machine that will be installed. There are still 88 positions ahead of us, I mean huge objects. We plan to finish transports this year. Everything that is ready we bring to Poland, store and then we will install it,” Andrzej Niewiński, the CEO of Azoty Polyolefins Group said, adding that the transport of the device was a major logistic challenge.

To transport the device, a fragment of the provincial road DW114 had to be closed and some parts of the local railway traction had to be temporarily dismantled.