COVID-19: new regulations in force in Poland

On Monday evening an amended ordinance concerning restrictions imposed because of the epidemic was published in the official journal and has come into force from Tuesday.

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Among other things, the new ordinance extends the list of groups of people relieved from the mandatory quarantine when returning to the country: pupils who learn in Poland or neighbouring countries along with their guardians, children covered with the obligation of attending preschools and their guardians, as well as students, including post-graduate courses and PhD students, as well as people running scientific activities.

Moreover, people who have a confirmation of vaccination against COVID-19 with a vaccine allowed in the EU will also be relieved from quarantine.

The ordinance also says that from February 28, casinos and other objects with slot machines and similar devices will be allowed to operate with a regime of no more than one person per 15 square metres and distance of 1.5 metre. Clients will not be allowed to eat or drink at those facilities.

The regulation lifts the restrictions concerning resort treatment. The condition to commence such treatment is a negative SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus test at least six days before the start of the treatment.

The contests for the judicial and prosecutor applications will be excluded from the limits concerning gatherings.

People working at night shelters and warming centres are included in the first group of COVID-19 vaccinations. They will receive vaccinations after the patients of healthcare centres.