Hungary gifts Polish King Sigismund II Augustus’ armour to Poland

Hungarian PM Victor Orban gifted Polish King Sigismund II Augustus’ armour to Poland during a solemn ceremony concluding the Visegrad Group government heads’ summit in Kraków, southern Poland.

“We have given you back what has always belonged to you. We did that in the name of friendship,” PM Orban said.

“It is a remarkable gift, a symbol of Polish-Hungarian friendship,” PM Morawiecki said.

The renaissance armour of Sigismund II Augustus was smithed in the 16th century. Since World War I it has rested within the National Museum in Budapest.

The armour itself was a gift designed for Sigismund II Augustus, who was later to become the King of Poland, on the occasion of his wedding with Elizabeth of Austria of the House of Habsburg. The donor of the gift was the bride’s father Ferdinand I, the Holy Roman Emperor. The wedding took place in 1543 when Sigismund II Augustus was 23 years old.