US President believes Nord Stream 2 is bad for Europe

“US President Joe Biden believes Nord Stream 2 is bad for Europe and is considering whether to impose sanctions to stop the construction of a gas pipeline connecting Russia with Germany,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

NS2 construction gives Russia another blackmail instrument: PM

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Ms Psaki explained that the White House administration was still analysing the situation related to the Nord Stream 2 project. At the end of January Psaki claimed that Biden believes Nord Stream 2 is bad for Europe.

The United States has been protesting against the construction of Nord Stream 2 for years because it believes that its European partners will become dependent on Russian gas. On the other hand, critics accuse the US of wanting to primarily sell more of its liquefied gas in Europe.

On February 12, Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Republican Senator Jim Risch addressed a letter to Biden’s administration in which they called for invoking sanctions to stop the construction of Nord Stream 2. They addressed the State Department to not hesitate on conveying the necessary report to the US Congress. The report is necessary to impose sanctions on the parties building Nord Stream 2.

The authors of the letter addressed the information that has appeared in German media, with sources claiming that the German government attempted to conclude an agreement with Donald Trump’s administration to waive sanctions.

According to Russian Gazprom, the main investor of Nord Stream 2, the gas pipeline is 94 percent finished. Many European countries including Poland and the Baltic states were against the Nord Stream 2 construction.