Economy to return to dynamic path of growth this year: PM

Poland's economy will return to rapid growth this year, the Prime Minister wrote on Facebook on Monday.

Mateusz Morawiecki wrote that the economy should resume growth owing to a "responsible" fiscal policy, pointing out that this opinion was also shared by the European Commission.

"Thanks to a responsible fiscal policy - as the European Commission has called it - Poland today has a solid base for future economic growth,” Mr Morawiecki wrote, adding that “this year our country will return to a path of dynamic growth."

Morawiecki emphasised that the goal of his government was to build a secure and prosperous future for the country through a "New Order" programme that will be presented soon.

According to European Commission forecasts, Poland's GDP will rise by 3.1 percent this year, and 5.1 percent in 2022. Last week, the Commission said that the economic slump, caused by COVID-19 in Poland last year, was among the mildest in the EU, with a GDP drop of only 2.8 percent.

Inflation in Poland is estimated at 2.3 percent this year and 2.9 percent in 2022, against 3.7 percent in 2020.