Poland initiates talks between EU and Russian opposition

On Monday, Poland is to initiate a videoconference of representatives of 27 EU member states with associates of the imprisoned leader of the Russian opposition, Alexei Navalny. The conference will be organised by the Permanent Representation of Poland to the European Union.

The topics of the videoconference are to include the visit of the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borell, to Moscow, for which he was heavily criticised, and the sanctions against the Kremlin's elite demanded by Alexei Navalny's associates.

Vladimir Ashurkov, the head of the Alexei Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation, called for sanctions to be imposed on those who finance the Vladimir Putin regime, stating that those who participated in the persecution of Alexei Navalny are responsible for violating human rights. The list of names he gave includes 35 people, among the names are Roman Abramowicz and Aliszer Usmanow - oligarchs financing English football clubs.

"As long as Putin's kleptocratic regime controls Russia, its citizens have no future," wrote the head of Navalny's foundation, stressing that all the people on the list are responsible for the oppression and corruption that characterise Vladimir Putin's regime. The letter regarding sanctions was also addressed to US President Joe Biden.