Dep FM talks Tigray conflict with Finnish counterpart

Deputy FM Paweł Jabłoński discussed the situation in the conflict-torn northern Ethiopian region of Tigray with his Finnish counterpart undersecretary of state Elina Kalkku.

On the telephoned discussion table were humanitarian organisations’ access to people in need of immediate help and the provision of protection to civilians.

The Friday discussion was initiated by Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Poland is looking forward with hope to the mission of the Finnish FM Pekki Haavisto that commences in Ethiopia with reference to the conflict in the Tigray region,” the Polish official told his interlocutor. He also stressed the need for “unambiguous and solidary actions within the EU framework, including pressuring Addis Abebe authorities to unblock routs for humanitarian aid deliveries and to clarify all cases of violence through an impartial and reliable investigation.”

The MFA wrote that the Dep FM expressed his concern with the developments in Tigray and pointed out, among others, that independent observers and journalists should be allowed entry into the region, and that all cases of violating human rights should be persecuted.

“Deputy FM Elina Kalkku assured that all issues that Poland finds important would be tapped into during Minister Haavisto’s talks in Ethiopia,” the Polish MFA wrote.

The UN reported on Wednesday that 20,000 refugees died following the demolition of two refugee camps, Hitsats and Shimelba, in the Tigray region. According to Bloomberg, the refugees hailed mostly from neighbouring Eritrea.