Poles spent more on alcohol, groceries in 2020: Nielsen

The pandemic has already diverted many shopping habits and has consequently driven thousands of companies to the brink of extinction, but last year, the fast-moving consumer goods market (FMCG) in Poland grew by 4.8 percent compared to 2019, to PLN 198.2 bn (EUR 44.1 bn), according to the Nielsen’s report referenced by Rzeczpospolita daily.

FMCG are products that are in demand at a relatively low cost. Among them, the fastest growing food categories were dry and dairy products.

Rzeczpospolita pointed out that the impact of the pandemic was noticeable especially in the baking and cooking categories, where goods such as flour (27 pct), milk (14 pct) and oils (15 pct) grew. Poles were buying cheese and tomato sauces more frequently as well - their sales increased by 14 and 16 pct respectively.

According to the report, people in Poland were also eager to buy salty snacks and sweets.

When it comes to alcohol, the Nielsen report revealed that the alcohol’s sales value increased by 7 percent year on year overall, to PLN 40 bn (EUR 8.9 bn). In terms of volume, however, sales fell due to beer, which lost 1.6 pct quantitatively, but in value, it gained 3.1 pct.

The analysts pointed out that such goods like whiskey, wine, rums and gin are growing the most quantitatively, but overall, all of the categories benefit more in terms of value.

“Lack of travel and reduced consumption in many sectors, such as catering, did not deplete the consumer incomes significantly, and as a result, the demand for alcohol products in grocery stores increased. Consumers not only spent more, but also more eagerly reached for more expensive products”, said Robert Ogór, the CEO of the Ambra group, known for its Dorato, Cin & Cin and Fresco brands.