New study to improve response to coronavirus variants in Poland

The Medical Research Agency (ABM) is launching a study in cooperation with the Małopolska Center of Biotechnology of the Jagiellonian University to monitor the variability and evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Poland.

The project is to last 18 months. The president of ABM explained that the study will enable better responses to the epidemic situation on an ongoing basis. They will be able to better recognise the virus and find out how many variants there are nationwide. He hopes more centers will join the study. The initial cost of this study was estimated at over PLN 5 million. However, if necessary, the budget would be increased

Thanks to this, we will permanently monitor the epidemiological situation. This will allow the virus evolution to be analysed in terms of vaccine efficacy and possible reinfection. I hope that the knowledge gained, regarding the mutations, will constitute the basis for the assessment of the epidemic situation and decisions made by the Ministry of Health and experts of the crisis management team regarding the management of the pandemic- he admitted.

He also stressed that the available data on the mutation of the virus showed that the vaccine is effective.

The initial cost of the study is estimated at over PLN 5 million. The President of AMB noted that if necessary, the budget would be increased.