Vaccine negative effects compensation fund to be established

“A fund is going to be established to pay out compensation for negative effects of the vaccination,” the government’s spokesperson Piotr Müller said on Tuesday, adding that the fund would be accepted by means of a bill.

The government spokesperson told Poland’s public broadcaster TVP on Tuesday that “in line with the National Vaccination Strategy, a special fund will be established to pay out optional compensation in the event of negative effects of vaccination.”

“This fund is to cover potential claims. As concerns the negative effects of the vaccination, they are outlined in the medical documentation. They are truly minor, although can occur, hence responsibility for this special fund will be accepted by means of a bill,” Mr Müller said, adding that the purpose of the bill would be to “disperse all the qualms of people who still entertain them hitherto, to clarify things, and to make the financial responsibility real and secured.”

The first batch of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine arrived in Poland from a Pfizer warehouse in the Belgian town of Puurs on Friday. The vaccines were delivered to 72 hospitals where the first vaccination against coronavirus in Poland took place on Sunday.

According to the government, the registration for vaccination of people not included in the prioritised group zero will start on January 15.