COVID-19: vaccination is the only way out of pandemic, say experts

"Vaccination is the only rational choice that will allow us to recover faster from the pandemic", indicated the COVID-19 advisory team at the president of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN). If we mass vaccinate, the pandemic will go away, experts emphasised.

Experts reiterated that vaccines are one of the most important achievements of modern medicine, and vaccinations are the most effective preventive measures that protect people against many dangerous infectious diseases. They also added that "modern vaccines are effective and safe, and rare vaccine complications are well researched and easily treated."

The team explained that vaccinated people will not develop COVID-19 in the vast majority of cases, and even if they do, they will pass the disease mildly and the vast majority of them will not infect others.

The researchers noted that they are still waiting for the opinion of the European Medicines Agency on the effectiveness and safety of the developed vaccines against COVID-19 adding that the preliminary results show that the effectiveness of these vaccines is greater than 90%.

The COVID-19 advisory team at the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences is responsible for monitoring the course of the epidemic in Poland, analysing possible scenarios and formulating recommendations.

Professor Banach puts his hope in vaccinations

"Despite the lies spread online, I still believe that it will be possible to vaccinate more than half of Poles against COVID-19”, Professor Maciej Banach, cardiologist, lipidologist and epidemiologist of heart and vascular diseases told the Polish Press Agency (PAP). He also added that in his opinion vaccination against COVID-19 is a chance for everyone to return to normality.

The Professor expressed his irritation at the many instances of, in his opinion, false information about the harmfulness of vaccines. "Remember that regardless of the fact that we operate in an emergency state, the tests are strictly controlled," Prof. Banach noted, admitting that "under normal conditions, vaccine testing probably lasts at least 5-7 years, now actually less than a year".

The Professor emphasised that "scientists strictly adhere to all applicable rules related to the conduct of such research" and added that there are committees overseeing the various stages of the research and monitoring the effectiveness and safety, including possible side effects. "These committees scrutinise every little bit of research before vaccines and other drugs are allowed on the market and for use," he said.

"People who sit on (...) vaccine approval committees are medical authorities. None of these people would risk their good name if there were any doubts," Prof. Banach concluded.