Poles buying more books amid COVID-19 pandemic: report

The sale of books in Poland has been increasing with double-digit tempo, according to Nielsen’s company panel, quoted by the “Rzeczpospolita” daily.

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The panel includes data from more than 240 bookshops. It shows that sales in 2020 have been increasing at a double-digit tempo, even though it slowed down during the spring lockdown when the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions resulted in the closure of stationary shops.

The data from 48 weeks of 2020, compared to those from the same periods of the previous year show that each part of the current year has had higher sales of books. Between the 37th and 48th week of 2020, sales peaked, reaching PLN 91.4 mln (EUR 20.59 mln).

There have been major changes on the e-book market. A distributor in Poland, the e-Kiosk company, announced that after three quarters of the year it has increased its net profit by 80 percent. The sales of e-book readers also went up over the course of this year.

Interest in classic paper books remains high nonetheless. There had been concerns from some publishers that the increasing popularity of e-books would threaten the physical book market, however it seems this apprehension was premature. Paper books sales also continued to grow via online bookshops.