“The Pilecki Project” kicks off

“The Pilecki Project” is a new educational initiative conducted by the Pilecki Institute (IP) about Witold Pilecki, considered one of the greatest heroes of World War II, whose daring mission to Auschwitz saved many lives and informed the world about German crimes.

Witold Pilecki, a.k.a “the bravest of the brave”, is considered one of the greatest heroes of the 20th century. He volunteered to infiltrate Auschwitz, where he witnessed and reported the origins of the Holocaust. It was thanks to his reports, which reached the Allies in London, that the world learned about German crimes. After escaping from the death camp and surviving the war, he fought the communist occupation of Poland, which led to his arrest, torture and execution with a bullet to the back of the head. His legacy was concealed for over 40 years, until the 1990s, when he was finally rehabilitated.

Over the coming months the Pilecki Institute, in partnership with the Polish National Foundation (PFN), will offer an online educational programme to help pass Pilecki’s story on to the widest audience possible. Its aim is to engage students with the subject of the Holocaust, Poland's contribution to the fight against it and the country’s role in defeating Germany during the World War II. The Institute wants to involve students from American and Canadian schools in order to promote Witold Pilecki and his achievements in local communities.

While participating in the programme, members of Pilecki's Teams will have to demonstrate their cooperation, dialogue and planning skills as well as their ability to complete tasks systematically. Participants will also have a chance to improve their digital skills by creating their own original films, animations or podcasts, and learn how to analyse different types of sources and then use newly acquired information.

The main and final task of each team will be to create an original digital work - video, animation or podcast that will introduce Pilecki to the world and show his remarkable story through their eyes.

Students, teachers and organisations interested in participating in the programme can find all the necessary information and sign up at: