Farmers protest in Warsaw, demand government support

Polish farmers of the Agrounia union, staged a protest in the Polish capital early on Saturday demanding support for the struggling agriculture industry.

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Around 5am, the protesters drove 60 tractors decorated with Polish flags to downtown Warsaw and scattered cabbages blocking the junction of Płocka and Kasprzaka streets in Wola district. After four hours, the police blocked the strike, which they said was illegal.

The main postulates of the protesters include subsidies for farmers who produce food at purchase prices below the break-even point and ensuring that Polish food is a priority product on sale in Polish shops. Farmers are demanding healthy competition in the market, including ending some firms’ market advantages. They also want the profitable sectors of the economy, such as the fur farming industry, not to be liquidated.

“This is not the first time that support for farmers is needed and it will certainly be provided by all possible means,” the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party’s deputy spokesman, Radosław Fogiel, said on Saturday in response to the protest.

“We will listen to their voice and see what the possibilities are,” he declared.