Just ‘beet’ it!

Beetroot has been present on Polish tables for decades and has become one of the most popular vegetables grown in the country.

Delicious in borscht, especially Christmas’ one, fried or as part of traditional polish “ćwikła”, which is a mixture of it with spicy grated horseradish, beetroot is an extremely healthy vegetable which also works perfectly in desserts, not to mention the true energy boost its juice gives in any sort of cocktails. On the inside, it should be as red as possible - it guarantees the best possible taste.

The beetroot harvest has just begun in Poland. The technology of growing it is relatively similar to the sugar beet. And although less sweet, beetroot actually requires more attention.

Although it is accepted that vegetables were brought to Poland by Queen Bona in the 16th century, this does not apply to beets. These were already known under the Piasts. According to the legend, peasant Piast, during the ceremony of his son's first haircutting, offered his guests everything that was suitable for a sumptuous feast, i.e. meat, fish, mushrooms and… beets.