President wants to create consensual solution on abortion

I am ready to get involved in work aimed at creating a solution that will bring social peace and that will be in the interests of women's health and rights in the proper sense of the word, declared President Andrzej Duda on Wednesday on the private Polsat News TV channel.

Asked about the controversial Constitutional Court ruling, the President said he expected the court “to give more time for refining the provisions on the premises enabling the so-called eugenic abortion, to make them more precise”.

"I am very saddened by this situation. I understand the protesting women, I feel this situation, although it is common knowledge that I am against eugenic abortion", he stated.

President Duda stated that the situation in which a woman is due to give birth to a child that will die immediately “subjects her to mental and physical suffering”.

He went on, saying that he did not agree with depriving women of their right to choose in such a situation and that he considered it necessary to prepare appropriate regulations together with experts, so that not only women, but also children, for example with Down syndrome, would be protected.

He noted that such a form of regulations "in which there is no possibility of abortion in the event of defects which will certainly cause the child's death after its birth is certainly not a situation with which I would agree, and a woman cannot be put in such a position".

Pro-life First Lady questions labour compulsion

I cannot imagine myself in a situation in which I would terminate a pregnancy, even a threatened one,” said the First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda.

"I met women who, while pregnant, found out that their children would die right after giving birth, but decided to deliver them anyway. I have great respect for these women and consider them heroines", she stated.

At the same time, she questioned whether every single woman was capable of such heroism and expressed doubts whether women must be forced into such heroism at all.