Choice of nuclear technology not imposed by Poland-US nuclear deal: official

The intergovernmental agreement between Poland and the US on the development of a civil nuclear power programme does not impose a choice of technology for the Polish plant, Piotr Naimski, gov't commissioner for strategic energy infrastructure, said on Thursday.

"The Polish-American agreement does not require Poland to choose a specific technology or partner for a nuclear project," said Naimski. Its scope includes preparation and presentation to the Polish government of an offer for the participation of American companies in the recently updated 20-year Polish Nuclear Power Program.

Earlier in the day, he officially inked the copies of the civil nuclear power deal between the two countries, which were signed by the US Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette and sent from Washington.

Earlier, the two officials struck the agreement on the development of a civil nuclear power programme and the civil nuclear power sector in Poland during a virtual ceremony held simultaneously in Warsaw and Washington on October 19.

However, Mr Naimski said that financial details for the new plant were not part of the deal and construction costs and funding were still subject to negotiation.

Poland wants to build six nuclear reactors with a total capacity of approx. 6-9 GW, the first of which is to commence operation in 2033. Offers are to be presented within 18 months.

The technology and a partner are to be chosen "at the end of 2021", Mr Naimski said.

Asked whether the Polish government is looking for suppliers other than the US, he said that "various options may be considered."