Biden’s aide on relations with Poland, NATO, and Three Seas Initiative

As president, Joe Biden will “unite NATO, support Poland’s defence abilities, and prioritise the Three Seas Initiative,” said Michael Carpenter, adviser on international relations for the US Democratic presidential candidate in an interview for the Polish Press Agency.

Michael Carpenter assured that if Joe Biden wins the upcoming US presidential election, he will advocate for the strengthening of NATO’s eastern flank, and especially Poland. He also recalled that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party were in favour of accepting Poland into NATO in the 1990s. He also said that Joe Biden, as president, will “unite NATO” which in his opinion is politically divided.

Mr Carpenter stated that Joe Biden has always opposed the construction of Nord Stream 2, a gas pipeline connecting Russia and Germany, bypassing countries of Central-Eastern Europe. He also said that instead of instructing Germany about what decision to take, the Biden administration would engage in dialogue with German authorities over the pipeline, and try to persuade them to abandon or withhold the project

He called the Three Seas Initiative a “wonderful project,” as it draws the private sector to Eastern Europe. Mr Carpenter said that Joe Biden as president could try to expand the project to the Western Balkans to enable that region to develop faster.

Poland should, in Michael Carpenter’s opinion, fear what President Donald Trump has done in the past four years; he recalled President Trump calling NATO “obsolete” and considering withdrawing US forces from NATO states.

When asked if the dispute over the rule of law in Poland could become an obstacle in relations between the Polish government and the Biden administration, Mr Carpenter said that he does not view this as a problem, at the same time stressing that the rule of law is crucial for democracy and will be an important issue for Biden’s administration.