Construction of Poland's first nuclear power plant to begin in 2026

The government has adopted a resolution to update the Polish Nuclear Power Programme (PPEJ), the Ministry of Climate announced on Friday.

The updated PPEJ entails the construction of six nuclear reactors with a total capacity of 6-9 GW. In turn, the new schedule for the nuclear project provides for the selection of technologies in 2021.

The selection and approval of the location of the first power plant as well as the signing of a contract with the technology provider and the main contractor is to take place in 2022. Construction is to start in 2026. The first reactor is to be ready in 2033.

Climate and Environment Minister Michal Kurtyka said that the decision to update "is a milestone on our country's path to having a stable, zero-emission energy source. Thanks to nuclear power, we will be able to ensure Poland's energy security."

The goal of the programme is to achieve 6-9 GW power capacity from installations "based on large, proven pressurised water reactors." The programme foresees the building of two nuclear power plants six years apart. The construction of the second power plant is to start in 2032.

The programme excludes the use of boiling water reactors (BWRs) and small modular reactors, referred to as SMRs.

Available constructions meeting the set criteria include AP1000 by Westinghouse, APR 1400 by Korean KHNP, and EPR by French Framatome. There are also Russian designs from the VVER series and Chinese ones, such as Hualong One.