COVID-19: Entire Poland designated ‘yellow’ zone

PM Mateusz Morawiecki has said that the entire territory of Poland will be designated as “yellow” zone as of Saturday, October 10. This is to curb the increasing spread of COVID-19 in Poland.

What do the restrictions entail for yellow zones?

Within yellow zones, covering the mouth and nose outdoors will now be obligatory in public space, not only in red zones as to date. The restrictions will also be enforced at gatherings and events, where the number of people allowed to participate in the event will be limited to 75.

In addition, there will be a ban on running discotheques and nightclubs, as well as activities providing space for dancing indoors and other enclosed spaces. Anyone who does not wear a mask will be obliged to present a medical certificate or other document confirming the person's disability at the request of the police or municipal guard.

The ministry also decided to introduce a requirement of a distance of at least 100 metres between individual gatherings, explaining that to date different gatherings had been held in the same place.

At the same time, however, there will be no need to cover mouth and nose in forests, parks, green areas and botanical gardens.

More rules and restrictions designed to fight COVID-19 will be published on Saturday, October 10.

Health Minister Niedzielski said that Autumn would bring an escalation of new cases. He added that the strategy concerning hospital infrastructure is to change. More beds and ventilators will be made available at hospitals. Hospital staff is to be more mobilised to fight COVID-19. The efficiency of bringing patients to hospitals and management of COVID-19 patients treatment is to improve.

The Health Minister recalled that 80 percent of patients tested positively with COVID-19 go through the disease symptomless.

As of Saturday 10, restaurants and eateries are to be open only till 10 pm, the minister said.

Third-tier hospitals are to be transformed into hospitals dedicated solely to the treatment of COVID-19.

The number of beds is to increase by 4,000.

As many as 16 coordinating hospitals are to be designated. This is one such hospital per province.

The list of red zones is to be updated each Thursday and published on the Health Ministry’s Twitter account.

Photo: PolandIN