Gov’t to continue support for Polish children in the near abroad

Michał Dworzczyk, the Head of the Prime Minister’s Office, has presented the outline of this year’s subsidy programme for children attending Polish schools in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and the Czech Republic.

Children who are enrolled in Polish schools will receive a backpack with Polish textbooks and other teaching material, while their parents will receive a voucher on PLN 400 (around USD 100) which they will be able to spend on costs associated with their children’s education.The cost of the project is over PLN 1,5 mln.

Michał Dworzczyk, the Head of the Prime Minister’s Office, has organised a meeting in Warsaw, devoted to the programme. This program is an expression of care that Poles, our countrymen, regardless of where they live, can maintain and cultivate Polish culture, Polish language, Polish customs. The Government of Law and Justice has always put a special emphasis on supporting our compatriots abroad - said Dworczyk.

The project aims to strengthen the bond between Polish children living in territories that used to be part of Poland and their homeland. Polish government representatives say the programme is for the children to feel connected with their homeland while at the same time respecting the country they live in.

The programme, which supports students attending Polish schools in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Czech Republic, has been in place since 2016.

Speaking at the meeting in Warsaw, Michał Dworzczyk pointed out that the government had increased the funds allocated to support the Polish community and Poles abroad during its previous term in office and that many new programs had been launched.

After winning another parliamentary election in October 2019, the government appointed a plenipotentiary, Jan Dziedziczak, to take care of the Polish community and Poles abroad.

The Head of the Prime Minister’s Office stated that several thousand Polish children will receive the support.

Our compatriots abroad have great potential - Dworczyk emphasized