Poland calls on Moscow to abandon plans to intervene in Belarus

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on Twitter that the Polish government is calling on the Russian Federation to abandon its intervention plans in Belarus.

"The Polish government urges Russia to immediately withdraw from plans of a military intervention in Belarus, under false excuse of 'restoring control' - a hostile act, in breach of international law and human rights of Belarusian people, who should be free to decide their own fate. - the head of government wrote on Twitter.

Earlier the Prime Minister appealed for the release of opposition representatives in Belarus. "I appeal to the Belarusian authorities for the release of the illegally detained and interrogated opposition representatives. The norm should be dialogue, not diktat. The Coordinating Council is the right partner to talk to the authorities in Minsk. - wrote Mr Morawiecki.

Today, for the 19th time, the Belarusian opposition is to organize protests demanding the resignation of President Alexander Lukashenko. Representatives of the opposition were arrested during previous demonstrations.

Supporters of the changes in Belarus intend to gather yet another time in the afternoon at the central Independence Square in Minsk. Yesterday's rally that took place there was dispersed by the militia forces. Several dozen people were reportedly arrested.