Base for Polish food exports to be located in Łódź

The new multimodal terminal, planned to be built in the Teofilów district of Łodź, Central Poland, will be one of the centres of Polish food exports, Żaklina Kaczmarek, deputy head of Contargo Hatrans Łodź told the Polish Press Agency.

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The new terminal will be launched at the end of 2022. It will be located in Teofilów district, just north of Łódź, in the vicinity of the S-14 motorway. It will be the 25th terminal added to the Contargo network. The company already has similar bases in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

“A multimodal terminal is not only concerned with reloading containers adapted to different types of transport, but also with the repackaging of goods in accordance with the orders of exporters,” Ms Kaczmarek said.

She added that the Łódź terminal would mainly export Polish food, especially from processors in the Łódź region, to both eastern and western countries, including China and post- Soviet countries.

The new Teofilów terminal is to be adapted to the storage of refrigerated containers, which will be possible thanks to the use of special aggregates. The investor wants the new transport base to be closely connected economically with Łódź and the region.

The company stated that the investment would cost several million euros and that it had applied to the Łódź Provincial Assembly Office for financing from the EU funds.