Poland’s smallest ski jumping hill is located in…a private garden

One of the inhabitants of a small village in south-central Poland, Ruczynów, built the country’s smallest professional ski jumping hill in his private garden. The hill size is set at 4 metres but there are plans to enlarge it.

“My son and I love ski jumping. During the summer holidays we visit various well known hills. Two years ago we travelled to Planica, where a tiny ski jumping hill was mounted near the grandstands. My son asked if we could build a similar one in our garden”, said the author of the project, Mateusz Seremak.

A few weeks later, the garden turned into a construction site. The hill was made by Mateusz himself with the help of family and its cost amounted to PLN 13,000. After a year-long construction, the 12-year-old son of Mateusz Seremak made the first jump on November 3, 2019. The constructor said one can jump 24 hours a day, because the hill has illumination.

Since then, the boy has set his personal record at 3.80 metres. His parents already regret that they did not build a larger hill from the beginning. Although seemingly difficult, there is a chance that the hill will be enlarged.

In the near future, there are plans to organise a competition for amateurs.

“Such initiatives bring back hope that ski jumping in Poland will not only be a closed, micro-regional discipline for a handful of people. Sometimes these amateurs' rivalry is even more interesting than elite competitions,” said Artur Bała, the ski jumping hills expert from skisprungschanzen.com.