Over 100 young bison have already appeared in southeast Poland

The spokesman of the Regional Directorate of State Forests (RDLP) in Krosno, Edward Marszałek, told the Polish Press Agency that the calving season for European bison in this species is extended until the end of summer.

“In summer, bison live in smaller herds, made up of females and calves. Old bulls keep separate, and the younger bulls then form the so-called groups of bachelors, leading a quiet life until August, when it's time to mate, ”the spokesman explained.

He added that in the Bieszczady bison the mating season is somewhat disrupted and prolonged, hence the calving season is extended, which begins in May and lasts until July, and single births are even observed in August.

“After the postpartum period, cows move to secluded places. They hide for a few days in the thicket, after the birth of a young bison and after he has achieved his fitness as such, they join their kin. Many herds have already seen the return of mothers with offspring, which this year may be record-breaking, and will exceed 100 young ”- said Mr Marszałek.