Number of computer fraud cases in Poland growing: minister

Poland is recording a significant increase in the number of computer frauds and dangerous incidents in the network, said the country’s Digital Affairs Minister Marek Zagórski on Thursday.

The minister pointed out that COVID-19 pandemic and increased use of the Internet had been a significant factor.

According to ministry data, there were 16,689 user complaints during the first half of 2020. As many as 5,205 were identified as dangerous incidents, including 4,127 that qualified as computer fraud.

Minister Zagórski said that the number of dangerous incidents and frauds over the six months of this year are similar to the figures for the whole of 2019. He added that a similar trend can be observed around the world.

He pointed out that children and teenagers up to 18 years of age are the most vulnerable to cybercriminals, as they "spend the most time online." In addition, high-risk groups include bank customers using mobile banking and mobile telephone customers.

Mr Zagórski also said that the setting up of a registry of pages created to extort money from users by offering them products is to significantly help in the struggle against this unlawful process.

"Currently, the register includes 2,899 domains which were reported by telecommunications operators or users," said the minister. He added that such pages are blocked and reported to law enforcement authorities. The minister noted that the registry was created only for the duration of the state of epidemic.