Pole Position on results of Polish presidential election

This edition of Pole Position with commentators Łukasz Warzecha (Do Rzeczy) and Aleksandra Rybińska (Sieci) looks at the results of the Polish presidential election.

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It's all over. The people have spoken. Andrzej Duda has been re-elected. It was a close run thing though, with the President getting just over 51 percent of the vote. The turnout, a near record for democratic Poland, was close to 70 percent. President Duda won this election in older age groups, among rural voters and manual workers. It has been a hard won victory with Mr Duda’s opponent RafałTrzaskowski and the main opposition party, the Civic Platform, polling very strongly in the final round of voting. Indeed, the result may well be challenged in the Supreme Court by Mr Duda’s opponents, but no such challenge to an election has ever been successful in Polish electoral history.