Duda popular among farmers, Trzaskowski in big cities, Hołownia mobilises indifferent

In the ongoing presidentials incumbent president Andrzej Duda was the most popular among the electorate of +60 (58,7 pct). Duda was also supported mostly by the inhabitants of cities of under 200 thousand people.

The exit poll showed that his main electorate were workers (53.9) and farmers (70.9 pct) which could explain the low result of PSL candidate Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz.

The incumbent president was mostly supported in the three regions traditionally voting for the ruling Law and Justice: Podkarpackie (60,6 pct), Świętokrzyskie (56,1 pct) and Lubelskie (55,6 pct).

President lost the election with the Civic Platform candidate Rafał Trzaskowski only in four regions: Dolnośląskie (35%/38.3%), Lubuskie (29%/40.9%), Pomorskie(26.9%/42.6%) and Zachodniopomorskie (34.6%/39.1%).

Rafał Trzaskowski was supported mostly by citizens with higher education, living in the biggest cities (above 500k inhabitants) which brings no surprise. Although it is worth noting that he was able to convince younger voters (23.8 pct).

He managed to take over some of Law and Justice traditional habitat which are cities with population below 50k inhabitants (32.8%).

The third candidate, Szymon Hołownia gained significant support in Lubuskie (19.2 pct) also gaining the support of voters under 29 years old.

Definitely Hołownia’s most important win was mobilising a number of 30.8 pct of voters that did not vote in 2019 parliamentary elections. He was also the candidate to take over the biggest number of the Civic Coalition voters on his side (29 pct).