Poland, UK sign bilateral voting rights treaty

Polish citizens living in the UK and British people living in Poland can continue to vote in local elections in their countries of residence following the UK's exit from the EU under a new agreement signed by the both governments on Friday.

The document was concluded by the UK's Ambassador to Poland, Jonathan Knott and the Polish Secretary of State for Legal and Treaty Affairs, Piotr Wawrzyk in Warsaw.

"Today's ceremony bears a special, symbolic character. It is a proof that ties between Poland and the UK stand strong, also under the adverse circumstances of the global pandemic”, Mr Wawrzyk said.

“The agreement signed today proves that both countries want to maintain the closest relations possible following Brexit,” he added.

The UK's Foreign Office Minister for the European Neighbourhood, Wendy Morton, quoted in the statement said that the document underlines both countries' "shared commitment to democracy and is a testament to the close ties between the UK and Poland."

"These ties have never been more important, as our countries work in partnership to overcome the global challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic," she added.

Poland is the fourth country to sign a voting rights treaty with the UK, following treaties signed with Spain, Portugal and Luxembourg last year.