Polish beaches will be open to one third the usual number

The excessive density of people on beaches and bathing areas is the main threat associated with coronavirus that should be taken into account before the upcoming summer season. This was the conclusion made in a letter that was sent to the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate from the National Institute of Public Health.

The letter says that while bathing, those doing so should maintain a minimum distance of two meters. This, of course, does not apply to persons living in the same household.

The letter also says that there should be six square meters per person on the beach.

The National Institute of Public Health also points out that the biggest challenge will be the Baltic beaches: they are the largest beaches and bathing areas in the country, often stretching for several kilometers, with many entrances.

The authors of the guidelines encourage swimming pool owners and administrators to remind their users to maintain at least a two meter distance and appeal to their sense of responsibility. Although, dividing beaches into sectors and determining the maximum number of people who can stay in each area is also under consideration.

"It is desirable to observe the entrance to the beach, counting the number of people entering and leaving it" - was also suggested in the letter from the National Institute of Public Health.