Episcopate head promotes #ThankYouJohnPaul2 initiative

With the nearing centenary of the birthday of Karol Wojtyła, known worldwide as Pope John Paul II, the Head of the Polish Episcopal Conference Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki has been promoting the social media #ThankYouJohnPaul2 initiative aimed at expressing gratitude to the Polish Pope.

The initiative boils down to posting testimonies, photos and short video clips showing gratitude to Saint John Paul II. The content placed on social media has to be appended with #ThankYouJohnPaul2.

“By doing so we can express our gratefulness to John Paul II for the things he brought and continues to bring into our individual, family and social life,” said the Catholic hierarch.

Archbishop Gądecki suggested thanking for “all the encounters, his words imprinted deepest in our minds, for inspiration that he evoked in us and continues to evoke,” adding that “this way we will tell the social-media-present young generation about Saint John Paul II – a generation that had no opportunity to get to know him better.”

The #ThankYouJohnPaul2 is a global-scale initiative and falls with Saint John Paul II’s message that he conveyed already in 2002 calling for “a bold crossing of the new threshold” that the internet was to the Catholic Church. He also advocated evangelisation to influence “the depths of cyberspace.”

The 100th anniversary of Karol Wojtyła’s birthday will be celebrated on May 18.