From the horse’s mouth: cannabis in stable

41-year-old Anna T. (name withheld under the Polish privacy law) and her 23-year old son Adrian have been charged with running a marijuana plantation on the premises of a former riding stable in the municipality of Lubicz, central Poland.

The creators of the plantation were inventive. Near the building of the stable grew around a dozen cannabis bushes, an additional similar number were placed in plastic and Styrofoam boxes. They were placed in plain view, but those were only decoys.

Police officers who arrived at the scene were not fooled, however. The real, fully-equipped plantation was hidden.

It was accessible through two wardrobes, located in an ordinary-looking boiler room and another room. When police officers entered them, they found more than 600 cannabis bushes and other equipment necessary to grow marijuana.

Anna T. and her son have been apprehended under the charge of running illegal plantation and production of significant amounts of drugs. They were placed in temporary arrest.

According to the police, the crops from seized bushes equaled around 18 kg (39.6 lbs) of marijuana worth more than PLN 560,000 (EUR 123,300).