Antiviral face mask created by Polish scientists

Polish scientists have declared that a facemask they created is capable of obliterating viruses, bacteria, fungi, and moulds, as well as deactivating dust and pollution.

Polish startup to create application for medical professionals

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“One can wear it without fear how many microbes will be on their face. The surface is always biologically active, thanks to nanotechnology,” Włodzimierz Bogucki, co-creator of the facemask “Halloy Nano“ told private news TV channel Polsat News.

The scientists used particles of nano-silver, zinc oxides and titanium to create the mask. Viruses that reach its surface become inactive and cannot multiply. According to producers, the surface can be functional for up to 15 weeks.

The product has received a certificate confirming its efficiency. “Research using the enzymatic reaction... have proven that the surface efficiently inactivates microbes in natural and artificial light,” it reads.

The producers are raising funds to start the mass production of their face mask. Details about the fundraiser can be found at this address.