Polish Army medical crew to embark on US mission

Nine medics from the Military Institute of Medicine (WIM) will begin a week-long mission in Chicago, the Minister of Defence Mariusz Blaszczak declared on Wednesday.

The mission of the Polish medical crew in the US was one of the topics of Saturday's conversation between Polish President Andrzej Duda and US President Donald Trump. On Wednesday, Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak announced that the Army medics will take part in erecting a temporary military hospital designed for over 2,000 patients.

WIM press service noted that the medics picked up both skills and experience, during their previous mission in Lombardy, Italy.

"This is excellent capital that the Military Medical Institute and the Polish health service can transfer to the country with the largest number of people who have been infected and have died due to COVID-19, today," stated the Institute in it’s official message.

"On the one hand, Polish medics will share the experiences they gained in Poland and Lombardy, on the other hand, we are ensuring that as many soldiers, as possible, from the Polish Army are trained," said Minister Blaszczak.

The Defense Ministry announced that, shortly, 30,000 Polish soldiers will complete medical-support training that will enable them to assist and in some cases replace civilian health care if required.