The Museum of the History of Polish Jews launches radio channel

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews has launched Radio POLIN, an online radio channel dedicated to informational programmes as well as Jewish music and culture.

The channel will air testimonies given by eyewitnesses of history, such as the inhabitants of the Warsaw Ghetto during the Nazi German occupation. The schedule for the coming days includes programmes dedicated to culture such as the virtual walk through the popular gallery “On the Jewish street” and special evening programmes earmarked for Jewish music.

Representatives of the museum encourage people to tune in, writing “we encourage you to listen to Radio POLIN! You can listen to reports from meetings within the popular POLIN and Jewish ABC Reading Room cycles, interviews with witnesses of history, lectures and evenings with music anchored in Jewish tradition".

The daily and permanent programmes of Radio POLIN include discussions with witnesses of history - on Thursday the institution offers accounts of Poles and Jews about the Holocaust entitled 'Hiding under the floor', 'Everyday life in hiding', 'Mom, don't give me away!'; on Friday, for example, “Set for herrings”, an account given by Danuta Orzeszko-Bałuk's - and "All her life she loved Poland" - the story of Róża Zawadzka, who organised child care during the German occupation and cooperated with Irena Sendler to smuggle children out of the Warsaw Ghetto placing them in safe shelters on the so-called Aryan side.

Walking around the permanent exhibition with guides is one of the highlights when visiting the museum. Radio POLIN offers its listeners a guide over the airwaves. On Thursday, the audience will be able to enjoy a virtual walk through the "Paradisus Iudaeorum (1569-1648)"-gallery, centred on the peaceful coexistence of Jewish and Polish culture during the Golden Age of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. On Friday, listeners will be brought along on a tour introducing the Jewish poets, painters and filmmakers of interwar Poland, which can be seen at the popular gallery named "On the Jewish Street (1918-1939)".

In the evenings, listeners will be able to tune in to music on Radio POLIN; on Wednesday, works by Jacaszek / Vox Varshe; on Thursday, there will be a concert “Kolberg in Jewish”, which is a repertoire played in the past by Polish Jews from small towns and villages; on Friday, there will be a concert named “Wedding Times”.

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews, one of Poland’s largest museums, opened for visitors in 2013.