Over 90 pct of Poles willing to spend summer holidays in homeland: survey

Almost 80 percent of Poles are planning a holiday trip over the upcoming summer vacations, of which 93 percent declared that they will stay in Poland, a study by Profitroom, a company which operates hotel booking systems showed.

The company founder Marcin Dragan stressed that the authors of the study had wanted to see to what extent the coronavirus epidemic affected Poles' holiday plans.

The vast majority of Poles are still waiting for the situation to develop and have not yet booked their stays. Almost 70 percent of those polled declared their willingness to go on holidays in July or August, while more than a third were considering the possibility of leaving for their vacations in early autumn, in September or October.

“if the declarations of respondents turned into reality, there would not be vacancies for all of them, especially when the reopening of hotels was envisaged in the later stages of defrosting the economy,” Mr Dragan pointed out.

The survey showed that almost 90 percent of respondents consider the preparation of hotels, in terms of epidemic safety, as important.

"Among the activities most often mentioned by the respondents are regular disinfection of common areas, hand disinfection points, changes in the operation of restaurants or limiting the number of people staying in common areas", the Profitroom report detailed.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic caused a worldwide crisis, over 61 pct of those polled declared that they would spend a similar amount of money on this year's holiday as they did last year.

"Every fourth family will be forced to spend less. But as many as 10 percent of those surveyed are ready to spend even more on this year's holidays," the report stated.

The "National Hotel Guests Survey - Leisure 2020" was conducted using the online panel method in the second half of April 2020 among over 10,000 Poles.