Studying platform, tax relief: Education ministry actions during pandemic

The Education Ministry has summarised the government's actions during the pandemic. These have included an internet platform for learning, additional money for the purchase of computers, VAT relief for school equipment, free internet services and training for teachers.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, full-time classes in public and private schools and kindergartens have been suspended, at first until March 25, then the suspension was extended to April 10. Last week, the suspension of stationary classes was further extended by two weeks - until April 26. From March 25, schools are required to use e-teaching.

The Ministry invites everyone to use its platform

There are over 6,000 educational materials on the platform intended for all stages of education. Almost all teaching materials contain open-ended questions or interactive exercises. You can also find curricula and lesson plans, additional e-materials for use in school or for a pupil’s independent study and links to external resources.

Additionally, materials and information useful for schools in conducting distance learning are published on the platform, including guide for schools on distance education.

The Ministry has said that they will offer tax relief to business entities which engage in the donation of computer equipment to educational institutions. It was stated that this solution implies a 0% VAT rate for free delivery of computer hardware in the form of portable computers such as laptops and tablets.