Confirmed coronavirus cases in Poland exceed 1,000

As of Wednesday evening, 1,051 cases of coronavirus have already been confirmed in Poland, 14 individuals have succumbed to the disease.

On Wednesday alone 151 new infections and 4 deaths due to coronavirus have been announced by the Ministry of Health. New restrictions have entered into force: Poles are forbidden from leaving houses unless for the most necessary reasons, such as work, shopping, visiting a drugstore seeing a doctor or walking the dog.

The Government's ordinance also stipulates that only up to half of seats should be used in public transportation. From Wednesday on, schools are required to conduct remote lessons until further notice.

According to the Health Ministry, 1,615 people have been hospitalised while 48,632 have been quarantined. Also 138,680 have been quarantined after returning to Poland from abroad. A further 56,930 people are under medical supervision.