Masks’ transport to Italy was not halted: Polish Embassy

The Polish Embassy in Italy announced in a note on Tuesday that the transport of protective masks to Italy was not blocked in Poland by customs agents in recent days as reported in Italian media.

Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs had earlier dismissed the reports as "fake news."

Italian press agency Ansa reported on Saturday that the authorities of the Italian region of Lazio had protested against the seizure of 23,000 protective masks, at the border in Poland, purchased in connection with the epidemiological crisis.

In a statement circulated to Italian editorial offices, the Polish embassy in Rome stated: "The claims of the head of the health service in the Lazio region, Alessio D'Amato, of March 20, that lead to the dissemination of much information and commentaries in the media, were based on news not corresponding to the truth."

The embassy in Rome later announced that Ambassador Anna Maria Anders and Alessio D'Amato were in contact and had clarified the issue by phone.

The announcement also contained an appeal for special care against spreading untrue information, especially during this extremely difficult crisis situation, "requiring from us all unity, solidarity and a positive attitude."

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Italy has risen to 64,000 while the death toll has exceeded 6,000.