Poznań based scientists develop coronavirus prototype test

According to Business Insider, the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Science Academy in Poznań has developed its own coronavirus prototype test, which allegedly gives the same accuracy of results as other tests used by health care services.

The tests can be produced in Poland. “The probe consists of elements that are universal and available. We’ve found a Polish company which can supply us with these products,” said Prof. Marek Figlerowicz, the head of the institute. He also stated that with the support of two Polish companies, the institute can begin mass production.

“We can produce them here in whatever amount is necessary. But we need funds for that. All that we have done to this day, all diagnostic tests and the prototype test itself, we’ve developed voluntarily, without any external help,” Prof. Figlerowicz said.

The Institute has confirmed the effectiveness of the test by comparing results with those given by other tests used by health services across Europe.

It is not yet certain, whether the project will go ahead, as all depends on government funding. However, Prof. Figlerowicz said that “it is very likely” that the institute will start producing the tests on a mass scale.