Capital city bus station to undergo comprehensive disinfection

A comprehensive disinfection and electrostatic cleaning of Warsaw West (Warszawa Zachodnia) bus station and the vehicles operating there is set to be carried out on Tuesday night amid the spread of the COVID-19 disease, Polonus SA, a transport company that owns the station announced.

We stay in touch with the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and our team is constantly monitoring the situation, said Maciej Acedański, the Polonus SA CEO.

Apart from the bus station, sanitary procedures have been implemented in the company’s headquarters and all the buses owned by them, while its employees were provided with additional hygiene products.

For the purpose of disinfection, special ozonation machines will be used. Similar actions will be carried out every time Polonus buses return from a journey. The disinfection of the Warsaw West station will be repeated every few days.

Furthermore, as part of the new safety procedures, drivers operating on long-distance Polonus lines and cashiers working at the station were provided with disinfectant liquids, protective masks and disposable gloves. Among other precautionary measures, the rooms and toilets of the buses have been additionally equipped with dry hand disinfectants. In the near future, dispensers with disinfectant liquid will appear at Warsaw West station.

Polonus SA reported that special guidelines regarding the procedures in case of suspected coronavirus infection were also introduced for employees, in particular for personnel who have direct contact with passengers.

"People suspected of having symptoms of the disease will be directed to a specially prepared, separated and monitored room, in which they will stay until the arrival of medical services”, Mr Acedański said.

“In recent days, letters recommending the temporary suspension of connections with Italy were sent to carriers operating these routes”, the Polonus SA CEO added.