Polish universities suspend lectures to stop Coronavirus from spreading

Universities across Poland have decided to cancel lectures and adopt a wide range of measures meant to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

The country’s oldest and most prestigious university, Jagiellonian University in Kraków, has decided to cancel all lectures and prohibit visits to its dormitories. The measures came into force on Tuesday March 10th and will be in place indefinitely.

Jagiellonian University’s press office announced that despite lectures being cancelled it recommends that lecturers make them available to students electronically.

The rector of Jagiellonian University stated that all conferences and events of a general nature will be cancelled, all trips abroad for the university’s staff will be suspended, domestic trips will be limited to those deemed as absolutely necessary and the arrival of foreign guests at Jagiellonian University will be suspended.

It has also suspended accommodation of new students in its dormitories and prohibited students living there from inviting visitors.

Last week Jagiellonian University cancelled all larger events planned for March and April. Earlier, Jagiellonian University, together with many other Kraków institutions of higher education, suspended the exchange of students and employees with countries with coronavirus epidemics.

Similar decisions are being reported from across the country.

The Rector of Wroclaw University of Technology and the Head of the College of Rectors of Wrocław and Opole Universities, Prof. Cezary Madryas, stated at a press conference that a resolution has been unanimously adopted which will suspend "all didactic activities" which demand physical presence at 14 public universities in the provinces of Lower Silesia and Opole starting from Wednesday March 11th. "We will switch to the system of remote education, although not all forms of didactic learning can be conducted in this way, we will solve this problem on an ongoing basis". - said the rector.

Warsaw University has announced that it will suspend all lectures till April 14th as well as closing its library.

Poland has, as of Tuesday March 10th, 20 confirmed coronavirus cases. The vast majority of which are patients who have arrived in the country from northern Italy, China and Germany.