‘Costa Fortuna’ passengers, including 107 Poles, disembark in Singapore

Passengers of the “Costa Fortuna” cruise ship which has docked in Singapore began to disembark. A total of 107 Poles were on board this vessel.

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The primary destination of “Costa Fortuna” was Penang in Malaysia, but the Malaysian authorities forbid the ship to enter this port, due to the presence of a group of Italian nationals on board and the restrictions concerning the SARS-CoV-2 virus, commonly called the coronavirus.

Finally, the ship returned to Singapore. All passengers will have their body temperature measured. Singaporean authorities announced also that those with illness symptoms will be tested for the coronavirus.

According to the local daily “Straits Times,” the first group of passengers that went ashore consisted of around 20 people, including German citizens.

CNA broadcaster added that other groups consisting 30-40 passengers also disembarked from “Costa Fortuna”.

The cruise ship set off from the port of Singapore on March 3. It can host around 3,500 guests and cabin crew consist of another 1,000 people.

As of Tuesday morning CET, a total of 114,458 cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed worldwide, including 17 in Poland. As many as 4,027 people died because of the virus.

The largest number of those infected is in China, followed by Italy, South Korea and Iran. All of Italy will be placed under lockdown until next month, PM Giuseppe Conte announced on Monday evening. The move extends measures introduced at the weekend for much of the wealthy north of the country.