200 pupils quarantined in boarding houses in north-west Poland

Due to a suspicion of coronavirus, boarding houses belonging to two schools in the town of Police in Zachodniopomorskie province were quarantined on Tuesday.

By the decision of the State District Sanitary Inspectorate in Police, around 200 pupils and educators of the schools were quarantined. The schools will remain closed until the presence of the virus is ruled out.

The District Health Inspector decided to quarantine the pupils and teachers following two of the former reporting having a fever and a cough. The two, reportedly female, pupils were freshly back from Italy where they spent their winter holidays.

According to the Public Provincial Hospital in Szczecin, it received three feverous people on Monday/Tuesday night and registered them at the children’s ward. Acting spokesperson of the hospital said that the patients were 16 and 17-year-olds.

“Samples will be acquired from these young people and tested [for coronavirus presence],” said the spokesperson. The patients had already been tested for the flu and tonsillitis. The results were negative.

A total of six people suspected of having contracted the coronavirus currently remain at the hospital.